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Wonderful Life, Korean Drama

A blogsite dedicated to Wonderful Life, starring Kim Yoo-Jin and Kim Jae Won.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Screencaps from Episode ONE

Screencaps by Jeric.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Wonderful Life - Episode One

For those who didn't have the chance to watch the first episode of Wonderful Life last night, here is the English Subtitled version from Youtube.com. Video courtesy of LiViVi.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Wonderful Life Philippine TV Premiere

Wonderful Life will premiere tomorrow, April 17, 2006 on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida right after Panday! Watch out for the first episode of Wonderful Life!

Friday, April 07, 2006

Pictures of the Cast

Here are some pictures of the Cast (Wonderful Life, Korean Drama) :

Shin Bi

Lee Ji-Hoon

Kim Jae Won

Main Cast of Wonderful Life

Kim Yoo-Jin (Eugene)

Wonderful Life on Philippine TV!

Wonderful Life will soon hit the Philippine TV through ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation. There is no specific date of broadcast so stayed tune!


This is the story about a guy called Han Seung Wan (Kim Jae Won) . One day on a trip to Singapore to meet his girlfriend, in the airport, he accidentely bumps into a girl named Jung Se Ji (Kim Yoo-Jin). They accidently swap their passports. After finding out about the swapped passports, Se Jin went to track Seung Wan down at the address pasted in his passport, where she met a guy who kindly gave her a piggy back ride to the apartment. When they meet again in Chai Young's (Seung Wan's girlfriend) apartment, they swap passports, on the condition that Se Jin help Seung Wan track down Chai Young. Chai Young was playing around with another guy, Min Do Yun (Lee Jee Hon). Min do Yun and Chae Young already met in Australia. In fact, Seung Wan doesn't know that his girlfriend is two-timing him. When he sees his girlfriend and another guy he was very sad and Se Jin then tried to make him happy. They drank too much and had a one night stand in the Sentosa hotel.

Being a devout Catholic, Se Jin asked Seung Wan to be responsible for their action. Being immature, Seung Wan left Se Jin and both of them came home to Korea at an earlier time than scheduled. Both of them continued their separate lives until Seung Wan was thrown out of home by his dad for spending too much money on liquor and he has nowhere to go but contact Se Jin for boarding.

Se Jin helped Seung Wan earn money to pay back his dad, and after meeting Seung Wan's doctor brother and sister-in-law, she found out that having an increased appetite and throwing up a few times were symptoms of pregnancy.

Disguising herself with a red wig and sexy dress, Se Jin went to the pharmacist to buy a pregnancy test kit, only to bump into Min Do Yung at the pharmacist, and in an effort to run away, she twisted her ankle, and again, Min Do Yung had to give her another piggy back ride.

A year after, her nosy sister brought her baby, Shen Bi, to her biological father, and the two were forced to get married for the baby's sake.

and this is when the adventure starts.